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Inkfills photographic two-color inkjet refill kit

Inkfills photographic two-color inkjet refill kit
132 ml Light Cyan ink
132 ml Light Magenta ink
132 ml Cleaner
1Injector Kit

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Product description:

Add this kit to the InkFills Four-Color Inkjet Refill Kit to maintain and refill your photo 5-color printer. This kit is compatible with all five color inkjet models and can even be shared between multiple printers and inkjet fax machines.

  • Cost: As low as $1 per cartridge.
  • Value: Kit fills up to 8 photo cartridges.
  • Savings: Up to $110 per kit.
  • Includes:
    • 32 ml (1 oz) of light cyan, light magenta ink
    • 32 ml (1 oz) of cleaner
    • complete reusable toolkit

InkFills inks are brighter, archival and UV resistant and last longer - your prints last longer! Smudge resistant and waterproof with DuraFirm paper.

Refilling cartridges is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Our inkjet refill system is easy for anyone to do.

Refill instructions and tools are included. Refill instructions are step by step and easy to follow.

InkFills is highest quality ink on the market with 24 hour technical support service.

Find the right inkjet refills for your printer with our easy two-step Inkjet Refill Search Tool.

Money saving tips:

Inkjet Refill KitsRefilling your inkjet cartridges is the most cost effective way to operate your printer. You can save a big amount of up to 80% on the expense to purchase an original cartridge. Inkjet Printer cartridges can be refilled more than 4 to 5 times while maintaining quality at par. You need not to throw away your used printer cartridge. Protect our environment and do it yourself inkjet refill kits with tools.

Customer reviews:

InkFills Photographic Two-Color Inkjet Refill Kit
Posted by: Garic Sat (2011-06-21 13:56:15)
I love this, and it saved me a ton of money buying the other cartridges. I've already printed tons of stuff and I'm not worried about printing like I used to be. I highly recommend this!
Rating: 5 of 5

InkFills Photographic Two-Color Inkjet Refill Kit
Posted by: Kira Bolt (2011-06-17 12:57:03)
The kit seems great. Good contents. Seems like good bang for the buck. I look forward to trying it in a newly empty cartridge.
Rating: 5 of 5

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Many thanks for a fast, efficient and reliable service! I received my order today and within minutes my old Canon cartridge was refilled and worked first time! Thanks for your friendly advice another satisfied customer!
Harry Tompson, UK

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