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Chip Resetter for Brother LC103 / LC105 / LC107 cartridges

Chip Resetter for Brother LC103 / LC105 / LC107 cartridges

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Product description:

Chip Resetter for Brother LC103 / LC105 / LC107 cartridges will reset the OEM Brother LC103 / LC105 / LC107 cartridge chips to "new" specs, allowing your printer to recognize the cartridge as new when you refill it. This resetter will yield thousands of successful resets, and is battery powered. Now you can finally refill the Brother LC103 / LC105 / LC107 cartridges successfully, and reset the chips on the cartridges so the printer won't know the difference!

The resetter is guaranteed to work on Original brand Brother LC103 / LC105 / LC107 cartridge chips, but may not work on "compatible chips" manufactured by 3rd parties. As long as you are refilling a genuine Brother LC103 / LC105 / LC107 cartridge, this resetter is 100% guaranteed to bring your chips back to 100% new specifications.

Money saving tips:

All recent printers use ink level chips. There is a small IC chip fitted to each late model ink tank that records it's ink level information (as well as other data) generated by the printer.

What can you do about the ink chips?

There is number of ways to deal with the ink monitor, depending on printer model and what's available for it. If your printer is very new, some of the below options may not apply.

1 - Disable the ink monitor
This is the easiest (and cheapest) option that works on most (chipped) printers. If you have a late model of your printer, it might well be all you can do, until chip resetters become available.

2 - Buy refillable ink tanks
This option only applies to some printers using individual ink tanks - not cartridges (with print-head). To cut long story short, refillable ink tanks are purpose built "easy to refill" versions of genuine ink tanks. The reset technology is built into the chips, so you don't need a chip resetter.

3 - Reset the ink tank chips
It may sound highly technical and complicated, but is really super easy. It involves buying a chip resetter for your model and using it every time you refill - to reset the ink tank chip(s). The printer then sees the ink tanks as full, ink tanks and the ink monitoring stays fully functional.

How to reset the chip?

Place the ink tank in the resetter cradle and gently push it down for few seconds. When the tank LED lights up (in about 5 seconds), the reset is finished! The ink tank level is restored to full. All you have to do then, is - fill the tank with ink, fit it back in the printer - and resume your print job.

! Compatible with the following cartridges:

LC103C   LC103M   LC103Y   LC105C   LC105M   LC105Y  

! Compatible with the following printers:

Buy Chip Resetter for Brother LC103 / LC105 / LC107 cartridges

More testimonials...
Just a note to let you know. The product arrived at my door in New Mexica today.Very pleased with the speed of supply and the quality of product. Epson Photo 820 reset beautifully and is producing prints straight away. The output is as good as the genuine epson carts if not better. I will be ordering more of your product for sure.
Ricardo Diaz, New Mexico

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