Toner refill dell 1100 bulk 4pack | Bulk Toner Refill for Dell 1100 - 4 pack

Bulk Toner Refill for Dell 1100 - 4 pack

Bulk Toner Refill for Dell 1100 - 4 pack

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Product description:

Toner Refill Kit for Dell 1100 (4 refills). Includes 4 x refill bottles, pouring spout, instructions.

Money saving tips and information:

Bulk Toner Refills
Bulk toner for toner refilling. The bulk toner items are JUST TONER. They are intended for repeat customers who know which toner they need and want to save even more money by buying just bulk toner and not buying another toner refill kit. Our toner refills are tested to the highest quality standards. We dont sell just any toner, each toner is tested and thoroughly researched to provide our customers with the best prints, most vibrant colors, and best possible color match to the original toner cartridges. Dont compromise quality for price, you are refilling very expensive laser printers and you should demand the best quality prints. Buying original cartridges cost over twice the price of refilling your own toner cartridge, refill them with our high quality toner refills and you will see why we have so many repeat customers. Lazybuyer.com also offers hard to find toners, and are often first to market with new color toners - trust our experience and reputation and buy in confidence.

Refilling Toner Cartridge

  • You will need a paper towels or news paper to protect the surface you are planning to change the toner cartridge on, because it can get a little messy.
  • Take out the toner cartridge from your printer and place it on the area you covered with paper towels or news paper facing the label up.
  • Clean off the outside of the toner cartridge with a napkin to remove excess toner.
  • Your toner comes with a toner kit, which includes a hole melting tool. Place the tool on the cartridge in the night place on the top until it melts a hole
  • Pour the toner into the hole you created. It should take about five minutes.
  • Take out a piece of foil tape that comes in your toner kit to cover the hole you made. Stick the foil tape over the hole to seal the toner cartridge.
  • Place the toner back into the printer and close the printer door.

Comments from our customers:

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Bulk Toner Refill for Dell 1100 - 4 pack

Posted by: D. Merritt (2009-01-01 13:29:29)

Good site, good products. It's hard to determine the comparative value of buying 'bulk toner' by the bag with a refill kit because your refill kit description does not state the weight of toner included.

- Total Package Weight is 2 lbs. You may see the weight information visiting your shopping bascket.
Rating: 3 of 5

Buy Bulk Toner Refill for Dell 1100 - 4 pack


Many thanks for a fast, efficient and reliable service! I received my order today and within minutes my old Canon cartridge was refilled and worked first time! Thanks for your friendly advice another satisfied customer!
Harry Tompson, UK

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