Bulk ink epson 60ml dye | LB 60ml Bulk Dye-Based Ink Bottles designed specifically for Epson

60ml Bulk Dye-Based Ink Bottles designed specifically for Epson

LB 60ml Bulk Dye-Based Ink Bottles designed specifically for Epson

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Product description:

This is a 60ml bulk ink bottle for the Epson cartridges. Premium quality LB Technology ink, with more vibrant and archival inks that are more smudge resistant and UV resistant. Dedicated for the Epson cartridges, you can expect exceptional print quality and page yield results.

Ink Type: Dye based.

Money saving tips and information:

Bulk Ink RefillsWe sell high-quality BULK INKJET INKS that are formulated to the unique needs of the printing hardware. Lazybuyer.com provides inks matched to specific printers and receptively-coated papers and films. From high-end Fine Art digital imaging systems to desktop ink jet printers, LB inks achieve the best possible results and highest value. Bulk ink-jet inks are ideal for large ink users or just to replenish your ink jet refill kits. These inks will come in bottles only, there are no refill instructions or tools included.

We carry bulk ink for these inkjet printers...

Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Hp, Lexmark and All-Brand Ink for All Inkjet Cartridges

Refilling Inkjet Cartridge

Before refilling, make sure you have cleaning wipes or napkins and plastic gloves. Fallow the steps below:
  • If you refill your cartridge in the first time - read the refill instructions (if any) that came with the refill kit, otherwise proceed to the next step.

  • To protect your hands and furniture put on gloves and place napkins on a flat surface (table) and remove the ink cartridge from the printer.

  • The refilling process would be easier if cartridge is not completely empty (a little ink left inside) and is not very dry. Do not hesitate if your cartridge has stopped working properly - refill it before it dries out.

  • On the top of the cartridge find the fill holes. The chamber can be found by running your fingers across the label, use a sharp object to pierce the refill hole that is located on the top of the ink cartridge. To level the pressure - squeeze the cartridge.

  • The instruction kit has step by step instructions on which color to insert in which slot or you can place a toothpick inside the holes to see what color is inside.

  • To refill the cartridge, insert a long needle to the refill bottle and inject the ink in the correct color slots. Make sure you inject all the ink extremely carefully and slowly to avoid foaming and air packets.

  • Make sure not to over fill the cartridges. Different ink cartridges/printers hold a different amount of ink. Check inside the instructions to see how much ink your cartridge can hold. If the ink starts to seep out slowly pull the needle and suck the extra ink back in the syringe and remove the needle.

  • Carefully pat the cartridge contacts on to a paper towel. You should be able to see spots of ink on the paper.

  • Close the refill hole with the seal dots that comes with the instruction kit (if any). You can also use a small piece of tape to cover the refill hole, it's a lot easier.

  • The ink that wasn't used put back in the bottle. Rinse all the needles and syringes with water and dry them well. You can label each color so it would be easier to refill the next time.

  • Make sure the cartridge is clean and will not leak into the printer. Dab a piece of paper towel to double check that the ink is not bleeding.

  • Once you put the cartridge back in the printer. Print a colorful picture to get the ink flowing and to make sure all the colors are working properly. After checking the quality of the photo run the cleaning cycle one to three times.

Buy LB 60ml Bulk Dye-Based Ink Bottles designed specifically for Epson


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